: Preview – The Morelli Thing by Frank Lentricchia (Guernica Editions, 2015)

cover71885-mediumPub Date Nov 1, 2015
Guernica Editions
The Morelli Thing
by Frank Lentricchia
Mystery & Thrillers, Literature/Fiction (Adult)

Blurb: After an old man with a dark past smashes the guitar of private investigator Eliot Conte’s adopted child Angel, the man is mysteriously killed. The violence-prone Conte becomes the chief suspect. Angel, a gifted hacker, digs into the past of the old man only to discover a notorious cold case, the murder of Fred Morelli. The past unfolds under the skilled computer hands of Angel coupled with the coaxing of the Golden Boys, a group of neighborhood guys well along in years, long obsessed by the murder of their very own Italian-American Jay Gatsby, the owner of a long lost night spot, The Ace of Clubs.

Frank Lentricchia was born to working-class parents in Utica, New York, in 1940. He earned his M.A. from Duke University in 1963, and his Ph.D. in 1966. His first two books were about modern poetry, and he then began to write more about literary theory, publishing his ground-breaking books in the early 1980s. Lentricchia served as the editor of two book series, one for The University of Chicago Press (The Wellek Library Lectures), and one for the University of Wisconsin Press (The Wisconsin Project on American Writing.) During these years, he began to drift from his previous work in theory. Lentricchia’s first non-scholarly book, The Edge of Night, was published in 1994, and he soon followed with his much-noted essay in Lingua Franca, “Last Will and Testament of an Ex-Literary Critic,” his farewell to certain types of academic criticism and theory. Though he did not completely abandon literary comment, Lentricchia from then on devoted himself to fiction. To date, he has published 12 books of fiction.

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